The Acorbat XXIII International Congress, one of the most important events for the international banana industry

Galiltec S.A. is an agro-biotechnology company that came to provide solutions to the banana market more than 35 years ago. This Israeli management company specializes in high-quality plants with innovative solutions based on micropropagation. We have a high diversity of plants, including Formosana 218, which is the only variety that is already approved in the 3 important aspects of high tolerance to TR4, agronomic aspects and marketing aspects.

Its experience and dedication to detail makes this company stand out for the quality of the plants, the delivery time, the technical assistance and the security it provides to its customers. These aspects make Galiltec the best option in meristems of the highest quality.

The Acorbat XXIII International Congress will take place in Miami, Florida, on 11, 12, and 13 May 2022.