The impact of Eta and Iota affected productive activity, evidencing a decline in exports of agricultural products such as bananas. It was a difficult year for the entire agricultural sector, which represented heavy damages and losses in the lands of vegetable crops.

Casmul November 10, 2020 It was seen as one of the farms affected by this storm leaving hundreds of employees without work and hope of recovering it, the producers devastated by the investment generated.

Galiltec was always present to support all national and international producers to help raise agricultural projects. Galiltec provides its technical assistance and plants that have advanced technology that are cataloged with the best quality and excellence.

On June 7, 2021, Casmul together with Galiltec, one of the suppliers of this project, carried out their first planting of the year. This event represents for many employees a new beginning, new hopes and a job for many employees who had lost it. The results of hard work are waiting to bear fruit in 7 months after receiving its first harvest.