Currently, FOC TR4 is already present in 3 countries in Latin America: Venezuela, Colombia and Peru, with an increasing infestation. The other countries are geographically close, therefore, they have a great possibility that, sooner or later, FOC will also reach their territories.

It is of great importance that banana growers in Latin America and the Caribbean are aware of the Formosana variety and its characteristics. Formosana ensures and makes a very significant difference in areas where there are infestations because of its proven high tolerance to the fungus.

Formosana 218 is the only Cavendish variety that currently exists in the world, which is proven worldwide on a large scale for the following aspects:

➢ High tolerance to FOC TR4.

➢ Agronomic aspects, such as development and production.

➢ Marketing aspects, such as fruit quality, taste and market acceptance.

Formosana 218 is the most advanced variety available, which has a very high tolerance to FOC TR4, the same that makes the difference with respect to traditional Cavendish. More than 12,000 hectares have already been planted in Asia and Africa and the fruit is marketed worldwide.

Galiltec has the exclusive right (franchise) to produce and market Formosana plants throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

The plants are currently in various stages of production in Galiltec's laboratories.

Plant Sales Galiltec is pleased and proud to inform the banana growers in Latin America and the Caribbean about the start of commercialization of Formosana 218 plants starting July 2023.

The objective is to start delivering the plants starting November 2023.

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