Crop Timing Plantation™

We consider CTP™ to be the plantation of the future in the Banana industry. This concept has numerous advantages for producers, exporters and marketing lines worldwide. The approach is aimed at creating plantations with higher yields, low costs, and better control/flexibility to make decisions. This flexibility will help us implement new concepts regarding new varieties and innovative methods.

The first Programmed Harvest - CTP™ was in a plantation in Israel in 1988. The idea was revolutionary and took three decades to perfect. Many tests were done in different countries with different climates and types of land until the process began to be commercialized. In 2018, at the Acrobat event in Miami, Galiltec publicly announced that the concept was commercially ready. Today, Galiltec adapts to its customers with innovative methods and advanced technology.

Plants create the false perception for the producers that, when planting once in several years, plantations have fewer costs which makes them more profitable. Our experience over the years tells us otherwise. The cost of renovating plants is effectively rewarded with better control, higher yields, savings in production costs, more flexibility and fewer risks related to climate and market change.

In a conventional plantation between 1,800-2,000 plants/hectare are planted, in contrast, in a CTP™ plantation, 2,800-3,200 plants/hectare are planted in each crop cycle with the same basic investment.

Innovation in Galiltec

The history of Galiltec is the history of innovations and advances over the years since the early 1980s with the introduction and application of plantations based on tissue culture plants in Kibbutz Ginosar, near the Sea of Galilee in Israel, and then in the rest of the world. We have developed growth technology that provides disease-free, high quality, and uniform plants. These plants allow more efficient cultivation methods that provide higher yields and more productive results.

The connection between vision, experience in agriculture and technology has led to the establishment of a unique and leading activity in the field, which has contributed to the advancement of agricultural projects throughout the world.

Thanks to our innovative and revolutionary thinking, Galiltec is responsible for a lot of changes that have taken place in the Banana industry, energy plantations, timber, and other crops in recent decades, worldwide.

Advantages of CTP™

The additional cost of plants and plantings is marginal compared to the enormous advantages gained with CTP™. The absolute control of the plantation, high yield, greater production, low operation cost and the reduction of risks, ensure plantations with way more benefits compared to conventional methods.

Complete control: on the date of harvest and marketing.
Higher yields: 3000- 3500 boxes/hectare/year.
Quality fruit: plants are low and uniform, facilitating harvest and transport of batches to the cable track.
Savings in production cost: savings are more than 30% with a crop cycle of 8-9 months instead of 12 months with a traditional plantation.
Disease control: plants are healthy and the cycles are short - there is less need for disease control; Black Sigatoka prevention is much lower, it is not necessary to use nematicides.
Lower risk: a guaranteed control over the harvest date ensures a minimum risk regarding losses of fruits due to excess supply. These plantations also present higher than average resistance to winds and floods.
Flexibility in decision making: The sowing of each cycle ensures a dynamic plantation that allows independent decision making for each cycle. This allows adjustments to be made for plantings and harvest according to market changes. It also allows one to implement new varieties, change the number of plants planted per hectare, and optimize plantings according to the farms' climatic and land conditions.

Galiltec offers for producers:

  • High quality meristem plants with Galiltecs' standard.
  • Always on-time delivery according to the delivery agreement.
  • Delivery of plants from nearby nurseries to the farm.
  • Varieties of high yield and production suitable for the market.
  • Varieties resistant to diseases.
  • A technological package to develop the innovative and economical concept of CTP™. The use of this package is based on the working protocol with the appropriate parameters and conditions for the specific farm (soil, weather, daylight hours and more). This allows the appropriate variety to be concluded, the number of plants per hectare (distance between plants and lines), the direction of sowing lines, way of sowing, type of irrigation and fertigation system, etc.
  • Join a multi-year plant supply contract that will ensure that plants are always available at the scheduled planting time.


The uniformity of the plantation is an extremely important prerequisite to achieve an optimal result. This depends largely on the quality and uniformity of the plants and the guarantee that they will always be ready for planting in the planned time. Galiltec has been optimizing these methods for many years, which guarantee the success of planting with CTP ™. Also, it is important to work by following the complete protocol that is developed solely by Galiltec, where all the details of land preparation, planting and working methods are required and guarantee a uniform planting with optimal results.