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With the implementation of innovative processes and technologies, we continuously improve the quality of our plants, guarantee successful high yield plantations, and focus on the final profitability of our customers. We anticipate the requirements of agriculture and propose the standard of the future.


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Formosana 218

Formosana-218 is currently the only Cavendish-type somaclonal banana variety with very high tolerance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense Tropical Race 4, the major threat to the world banana industry.

  • High tolerance to FOC TR4
  • Agronomic aspects, such as development and production
  • Marketing aspects, such as fruit quality, taste and market acceptance


About Us

We are an Israeli-owned agro-biotechnology company with an operation base in Honduras, Central America. We specialize in providing innovative solutions for micropropagation plants with advanced agricultural concepts and years of experience.


Crop Timing Plantation™

An Innovative Banana-Growing Concept

A revolutionary long-term market-driven plantation concept that is sustainable, assuring low risk, higher yields, and overall plantation profitability.

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