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Woody biomass

Eucalyptus Clone (Super-E)
Fuel Solution through Energy Plantation

Super-E is a superior eucalyptus clone selected for its many qualities as a fuel source, developed and produced in the Galiltec bio laboratories and greenhouses. Local, safe and economical alternative of high quality raw material. It is a renewable solution for the environment.

High Performance

high production of 100 ton / ha / year (50% moisture content) in the tropics.

Short Cultivation Cycle

12 month harvest cycle.

High Calorific Value

Woody biomass) calorific value of 19.53 MJ / kg (8,400 BTU / lb) on dry basis.

High Quality Biomass

Ash content of only 1% and ash deformation temperature above 1300 ° C


High density material. It can be used to generate electricity, pellets, steam, heat and / or paper.

Low Cost of Transportation and Storage

Logs can be transported in a traditional platform trailer. It is harvested according to demand.

High Strength

High resistance plantation for stress conditions due to soil quality, drought and floods.

Low Operating Cost

It can be harvested with chainsaws or with relatively small and economical equipment.

Low Production Cost

It costs 30-36 USD / tonne green at 50% humidity, equivalent to less than $ 14.25

Eucalyptus for Bioenergy

When it comes to commercial eucalyptus farming for bioenergy some species are better than others. At Galiltec, we identified the most suitable species for thermo-chemical conversion applications and significantly improved it through R&D. Using our eucalyptus clone with our advanced biomass farming concept ensures rapid growth, high calorific value, high density and low ash content. This is an innovative short cycle woody biomass solution specifically tailored for the production of heat, steam, pellets and electricity.